Poor People and Facts About Poverty     

Poor People and Facts About Poverty

There are more than 3 billion poor people in the world today. That is almost half of the world! Poverty means these people have less than 2.5 dollars per day to live on. Extreme poverty is limited to 1.25 dollars per day and is the way of life for 1/6 of humanity.

World wealth is unequally distributed. Seven of the richest people together have more money than GDP – Gross Domestic Product of 41 poor countries. At the beginning of the 21st century, we have almost 1 billion of poor people unable to read and write.

More than 1 billion children in poor countries live in terrible conditions. That means one child out of two is poor. Over 600 million children have no home, 400 million do not have access to clean water, and about 300 million have no health care. In 2003, about 10 million children died before the age of five!

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What is Poverty?

Why do we have so many poor people in the world today? Are they lazy, do not want to go to school, work? Are the poor people only ones guilty of their predicament? Are the poor people in charge of their faith?

BusinessDictionary.com defines it as: “Condition where people's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met.”

World Bank divided poverty into:
1. Extreme poverty – people have less than 1.25 dollars a day,
2. Poverty - people have less than 2.5 dollars per day.

Limits were 1 and 2 dollars a day, and the World Bank changed it 2008. However, poverty is not money issue, but also lack of opportunities and chances for healthy and prosperous life.

Poor people suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Inadequate nutrition further causes many health problems. Poor people do not have adequate health care and education, proper homes, access to clean, drinking water and so on.

Poverty is not only personal and even local, national problem. The world wealth is unequally divide between developed and developing countries. Rich and powerful countries and their leaders create the rules. Poor people are socially on the margins with no real political power or representation.

Causes of Poverty

Poverty is a complex issue and has many causes. The factors “guilty” of poverty:
• Overpopulation,
• High costs of living,
• Inadequate education,

• Unsatisfactory job opportunities,
• Economical and political situation, etc.
Overpopulation – is problem of too many people living in the world and too few resources available for future growth and development. Poverty is usually present in the developing countries with high population density. Many people live in misery with no chances of making progress, while a certain number of people have access to scarce resources. In mostly farming countries small number of people own most of the land for farming or livestock breeding. Agriculture is labor-intensive and low productivity. Result is low quantity of food production.

High costs of living – most of the developing countries have high living costs. Basic needs in considered normal in developed countries are too expensive and unavailable for the majority of people in developing countries. Costs of food, logging and clothing can be more than poor people with minimum wages earn per month and even though they work, they cannot afford it.

Inadequate education – education is unavailable for many people in poor countries. Low budgets of many countries are the reason many kids haven’t got access to education since schools are far and few.
Job opportunities - No education means that poor people can work only the hardest jobs paying low wages. Economies of developing countries do not offer many job opportunities, so the school seems pointless.

Economical and political situation – economic trend and political situation greatly influence the poverty. Periods of recession affect poor people. Young people with no job experience and